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Gastro Bar in Singapore

Bluemist is a local gastro-bar that has been serving the finest coffee, a wide range of top quality alcoholic beverages and dishes at the hub of Tanjong Pagar since 2002. Our food menu is meticulously crafted with fusion choices and pairing with beverages to provide our guests with a complete gastronomic experiences.

Bluemist - Cafe & Bistro in Tanjong Pagar

Our Core Values

The Craftsman Attitude

Our menu is the result of countless experiments in the kitchen to produce the perfect blend. Bluemist is passionate about cooking and takes pride in serving only the best to you.

A Giving Spirit

Bluemist is ever ready to serve with the best ingredients and selection of beverages. We uphold the highest standard in producing every single creation served to our customers.

Socially Minded

Being social-minded, Bluemist embraces responsible drinking and encourages its customers to practise non-excessiveness.

The Gastro Bar Experience at Bluemist

A gastro bar, also known as a gastropub, is a type of F&B establishment that combines elements of a traditional pub or bar with a restaurant that focuses on high-quality, gourmet food offerings.

At Bluemist, we set our own Gastro Bar Experience for our customers with emphasis on:

Culinary Emphasis:
Elevated Culinary Delights: We prioritise the culinary experience, offering a menu that goes beyond typical pub grub. We are not just a basic restaurant in the heart of Tanjong Pager. Our chef takes pride in creating a wide range of creative and gourmet dishes that showcase the culinary skills. Our menu includes a long list of appetisers such as our infamous meat platters, pork belly with artisanal sauces, spam fries, mains, delicious pasta and pizza that you are so spoilt for choices.

Blend of Casual and Gourmet:
Casual Atmosphere: While the food at a gastro bar is gourmet, the atmosphere remains casual and welcoming. Customers who visit Bluemist are easily attracted to our very chill, void deck Gastro bar concept where one can enjoy a relaxed and unpretentious environment, a cozy ambiance that encourages socializing and mingling with friends, colleagues, family members and even with the owner & staff of Bluemist.
Craft Beverages: At Bluemist, we offer a well-curated selection of draught beers, craft beer, wines, cocktails, mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks to complement our food menu and for everyone with different needs. These beverages are thoughtfully selected to complement the diverse range of dishes on the menu and to enhance the overall dining experience.

Focus on Fresh and Local Ingredients:
Ingredient Quality: Bluemist prioritises sourcing fresh and high-quality ingredients as one of our core business values that we uphold with pride, ensuring that our dishes are prepared with the highest-quality ingredients available in Singapore. This commitment to ingredient quality contributes to the excellence of our dishes.

Innovative Menu Offerings:
Creative Flavours: Dining in Bluemist is never boring. The owner and chef is always cracking their brain cells to create innovative and creative dishes to add on to its menu offering. We often offer a rotating or seasonal menu that reflects the availability of fresh ingredients and allows customers to try new dishes regularly.

In summary, our motto and core values have never changed since we started Bluemist in Tanjong Pagar in 2002 and we are certain that we are a prime example of a gastro bar that epitomises an elevated culinary experience for Singaporeans as well as tourists who visit us.

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