Meat Platter (1-2pax)

$67.85 GST

* Chef’s Recommendation

Introducing our infamous meat platter that drives all our meat lover customers crazy!

Perfectly served in 2 different sizes for 1-2 pax and 3-4pax.
The meat platter comes with a combination of meat such as duck breast, sirloin beef, chicken and tenderloin pork. And you get to choose your preferred wellness level that you want your sirloin beef to be cooked.
For those who do not take beef, you can always put in your request in the remarks as “No Beef” and our Chef will customise your meat platter to suit your culinary request.
All our meat platters come with our “Not-to-be-missed” artisanal sauces that our Chef has prepared to go along with the meats to level up your enjoyment of this dish. This is definitely a perfect choice dish for your mini party at home to impress your guests.

Tips For consumption:

  • Best to consume platter immediately (within 1 hour of delivery)


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